Hair Colouring

About our Hair Colouring

We always prefer to do ‘In person’ consultations so we can take a look at your hair and get a plan together between us.

 If it’s for colour you have to have a patch test / sometimes a strand test depending on what you’d like to achieve.

These consultations are £30 and you can book by emailing

We are experienced stylists who can make your hair dreams reality! Bring inspo pics for us to look at! 

Over 16 year olds only for any hair colouring services

5+ months of regrowth will be classified as a blonde me up service which gets you as blonde as possible in just one session with no extra cost!

Exact costings for colour correction are determined during your consultation. Please let us know before booking if you feel you may need a colour correction, as more time is needed.

The health of your hair is very important to us. If we feel you need a course of treatments before performing certain services, then we will advise this. We will also go over your current hair care regime and offer you tips and advice on how to keep your hair looking beautiful in between visits.

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