4 Methods of hair extensions! Nanorings Stick tips Weaves Tape

Hair Extensions

About our Hair Extensions

At Iconic Fckin Hair we offer 4 methods of hair extensions (Tape, Weaves, Nano’s & Stick tips) which are totally safe for your hair to give you thickness & length.

We always prefer to do ‘In person’ consultations so we can take a look at your hair and get a plan together between us.

 If it’s for colour you have to have a patch test / sometimes a strand test depending on what you’d like to achieve.

 If you are wanting to discuss hair extensions, we need to talk brand, length, weight of the hair, best method for you and price and the same for Mesh Integration PLUS we order the hair in whilst you are in the chair and pre book your install appointment.

These consultations are £30 and you can book by emailing info@iconicfckinhair.com

Length, weight of hair, hair type, colour, brand and method of hair extensions which are right for your hair type will all be taken into consideration before booking that appointment!

If you need colour too we can accommodate!

Drop us a message to talk hair! 🙂

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